– The Pause Hotel Bangkok – Thesis Project 2015



    This is all about a hotel design project. I found a hotel, a four star hotel, have been established for at least 20 years conserving its original design and have never been renovated. The hotel is located in the center of Sathorn road, where there are many highly competitive business activities. For the first time, the hotel decided to establish on Sathorn road because there are many embassies located in the area. Moreover, public transportation, including bus, taxi, and sky train available which contribute to the great accessibility of the hotel.


    However, the original hotel still lacks in its own unique identity, and the recognition of the sense of the Sathorn district. Utilizing the design with a unique style will certainly help the hotel approaches and creates an identity from the past to the present (Transformation); modifying the brand with effective solutions. By resolving these problems, businessmen/women and tourists should be more satisfied with the atmosphere and the overall design of the hotel, and the effectiveness of the building would be at optimum.

    From the reasons mentioned, this original hotel should be renovated. The environment, the brand image, the deterioration of the building, and the inefficiency, which caused by the currently allocated location, should be changed. It is to create a new hotel concept by providing an environment that allows the guests to experience and capture a “time stopping” moment of their lives under the name and concept of The Pause Hotel, Bangkok.

The Pause Hotel is a key to the history of Sathorn. The design portrays pleasantness of  people who lived in and around the area. The functions in the hotel are also related to behaviors of the people in the Sathorn district. Therefore, the transformed Art Deco style  should be used in order to portray the design. The style of Art Deco was existed in the 1960s, which is the similar period of time where the Sathorn road was built. The hardest part of the project is to transform and modernize an old international architectural style with the senses of place.





Reception has its function to serve two types of the customers, which are in rush time and in rest time. Guests who are in need of fast services may use the standing counters, while other guests who are not in a rush can use the seat checked-in.

CA VA Tearoom

พื้นชั้น1 cafe..jpg
CA VA Floor Plan

cafe_02People who lived in Sathorn road. in the past also are influenced by western cultures. A CA VA Tearoom refers to an afternoon teatime. CA VA is a French word, which means to ask if the person is fine, and so the word is used as reply to the question as well.cafe_01The tearoom is located in front of the building in the angle that avoids the afternoon sun. The location is also easy to access from the road.

Yang-Jan Restaurant

Young-Jan Restaurant Foor Plan

restaurant_01People tend to find a place to relax after a hard day’s of work. Yang-Jan is one of the best choices that provide a new dining experience in a Jazz style restaurant. Yang-Jan means ‘still young’. Sathorn in the past, people tended to listen to Jazz and also love a party at night. That is the concept of the place, a cozy atmosphere, a Jazz music, and a dramatic lighting.restaurant_02There are three types of seats which are normal dining tables and banquettes serving group of guests and half rounded banquettes in front of the music stage serving to whom booked.

Meeting and Banquet rooms

พื้นชั้น2 function.
Meeting and Banquet Rooms Floor Plan

conferenceThere are two meeting rooms and a gorgeous banquet room to support having diverse parties and seminars. There is also a business center on the 4th floor, which is more exclusive and private. These functions refer to the passion to party and celebrate of  the people living in Sathorn, especially   businessman/women.


There are 160 exclusive rooms available that separated into 3 types which are standard, suite, and extravagance president suite. It is the best place that is comforting at night and refreshing in the morning with a fascinated view aspect.

These are the standard room type and the These are the standard room type and the president suite type.

พื้นชั้น5-20 typical bd.
Standard Room Floor Plan


พื้นชั้น21 master bd.
The President Suite Floor Plan


Check out an e-book full presentation here
Want to know more about the project? Feel free to contact me here



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