-The Urban Ville – Home Interior Design


This is the latest project I’ve been part of. The project is constructed on 160,000 square meters of land in Ladkrabang district, with over 240 unites of houses; varied in to two main type of houses based on facilities. The followings are samples of those design.

“The Relaxation of Urban Living” is the slogan of the project, and thus becomes the design. We aimed to create nature-infused living spaces, while not sacrificing functions to suit urban lifestyle.

TYPE A – Floor Plan


Type A: 200 sq.m. of land, with 155 sq.m. of house. The prices start from THB 5.5 M.

TYPE A – Living room

living room_1.1

Type A is a ready-to-move-in “standard type” of house. The space was designed to be airy, bright, and welcoming.

TYPE A – Bedroom


The earth tone bedroom is furnished with modern style furniture; ensuring you a personal relaxing space.

TYPE B – Floor Plan


Type B: 240 sq.m. of land, with 175 sq.m. of house. The prices start from THB 7-9.8 M.

TYPE B – Living room

living room_2.1

Luxuriate in the house designed with integrity between materials and design aesthetic.

TYPE A – Bedroom


A full-furnished modern style bedroom; decorated with an elegance, warm tone accents.

More information: contact us


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